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About Us

Half Τwin Βrother is an indie, alternative- rock, lo-fi band based in Athens, Greece.

Their discography consists of shoegaze, noise-pop, post-rock, post-punk, alternative music with occasional acoustic and lo-fi
sensibilities. The band did its debut as a one man DIY project, which led to the constitution of a full-band  embodied by five people. 
New sounds and experimentation started to pop up after that, bringing new musical elements to the table. Every album
has a different sound, aesthetic, and character, testing the limits of the band production and songwriting wise.

Our Story

The band emerged at first as a one-man project by Alex Spyrou in 2019 when the first LP, “One Star” came out. Due to lack of resources and knowledge on sound engineering, “One Star” dropped on bandcamp as a product of musical experimentation with a 0$ budget DIY production, with the title of the album itself being a sarcastic joke referencing to the reviews that were anticipated.

They started rehearsing in a place in Piraeus, known to the
underground musicians as "Meat Market", an old building that houses
to this day underground bands for rehearsals and occasionally small
There, they created a small community and performed alongside
other bands like Jasper Project, Morphing Jar, Honeyshame etc.,
establishing a small fanbase.

Around that time, current pianist and vocalist Eleni Vryoni, singer of the band "Accidents", arrived and it wasn't long until the pandemic of 2020 struck.
The band had difficulties rehearsing and developing new songs together, but that didn't stop them from releasing their second LP, "Our Memories Sleep When we Visit our Basement".

The most depressing and experimental piece of music the band has released to this day, "Our Memories Sleep When we Visit our Basement" was again recorded and produced in a basement with 0$ budget equipment.  Most of the songs were recorded with a
Samsung Galaxy J5, recording microphone, while the instruments featured in the final mixes were a five string acoustic guitar, an old
classical guitar, a harmonica, a hi hat and two toms along with a variety of items like a metallic dustpan, a whistle and hand- made
maracas. Also free digital instruments were used, like a drum machine and a variety of synth sounds.

The tracks were mixed in a Windows Vista laptop, on "Reaper", and without any hesitation, the album was released in just a few months. "Our Memories Sleep When we Visit our Basement" was a product of a more collective work than its predecessor.

After that, the band started working on numerous singles that were released one after the other. "GAD", " Stupid", "The Butcher", "Winter", "Time Management" and "Dreamland" are only some of them. With the use of self- recording methods and with the band not spending time on promotion, creativity was over the roof. Dozens of demos were created around that time, with some of them remaining unreleased to this day.

Their third official LP, "A Sudden Presence Like a Burst of Song", was released a little before their first live performance in the summer of 2021. An acoustic, singer-songwriter piece of music, with references about alcoholism, family and relationship issues present at the time.

Their first gig was an independent live performance organised with the bands of "Meat Market" at Skopeftirio, Kaisariani. It was a great celebration signaling the end of an era.

What followed was a number of live performances in Athens and Patras, alongside bands like "Jasper Project", "Pink Vanity", "Young Oz" and more, while the band kept working on their next album. Around that time, "Summertime" was released. An acoustic, experimental EP consisting of three songs, among them the tune "Sad". The band also performed an acoustic set with songs from "A Sudden Presence Like a Burst ofSong" and "Our Memories Sleep When we Visit our Basement" at the art exhibition "Protolio", organised at "Meat Market" by a variety of artists.

Right now, the band released their fourth LP, "Homecoming", a closure to the story of "One Star" with a plethora of songs evolving around the concept of redemption in an emphatically theatrical way. It is a collective work, with every member writing and recording instruments and vocals, including their new bassist Panagiotis Spanos, bassist and songwriter of "Epithet of Mine" and "Seaside Hotel Room Fantasy".

They recently acquired their newest member, Dimitris Danopoulos,
songwriter and multi- instrumentalist of the project "Nala's Naughty
Dream" and Christos Dallas, songwriter of the project "Mosaiko", with whom they recently performed at "Communitism",  Anthos Festival and Athens Music Week. They are currently working on their next album "Aisling".

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